Cyber Threats From the Dark Web

The federal government relies heavily on Federal_Supply_Chain_report_cover.jpgprofessional services to support their missions, and needs assurance that sensitive federal information will be protected against loss or compromise. New obligations are being imposed on federal contractors for protecting sensitive data and federal supply chain integrity.

Many federal contractors in the professional services space are unaware of their vulnerability to cyber threats from the Dark Web. Download our Federal Supply Chain Analysis for a real-life analysis of how cyber criminals are threatening federal contractors.

Download our Federal Supply Chain Analysis to learn:

  • How the top 10 contractors supporting the federal government in seven areas of professional services rank in terms of potential vulnerability to Dark Web threats
  • Regulations and accountability for federal contractors under the NIST framework
  • What the Dark Web is and how Dark Web activity can threaten federal contractors' networks
Download your copy of the Federal Supply Chain Analysis now